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The instructors at Lifeline Christian Fine Arts Academy are highly qualified Christian instructors.  Each instructor has signed a Statement of Faith, met LCFAA qualifications as a 'highly qualified instructor,' and has passed a limited criminal history check with the State of Indiana.  Each instructor has a passionate desire to use their talents for the Glory of God and to instruct their students in a way where their potential will be met.  

Mike Linville II


Performing Arts Instructor

(Instrumental/Vocal Music, Oral Presentation, Drama)


                I was born in Columbus, Indiana, on July 13, 1982.  I am the first of 4 children to Mike and Connie Linville.  I was raised in a Pastor’s home full of musicians.  My dad is a professional pianist and has been a Pastor for most of my life.  He gave me his name making me Michael Joe Linville II.  My mother, a certified cook and home maker, is also a talented musician.  My three younger sisters all have musical talent with their voices and instrumental capabilities. 

Ministry and music have been a part of my life since the recognition of my first memories.  My parents utilized all of their children in the ministry through the gift of music.  I remember as a small child when my parents bought me a small drum set to play in church.  They prepared me to play on one song during the service but could not get me to play on cue until they realized I had gum in my mouth.  I had been told not to do anything with gum in my mouth.  Apparently I was a very obedient child, maybe a little too obedient.  Supposedly, upon the removal of the gum by my mother, I did an acceptable job on my debut as a musician.  I remember getting a toy trumpet and people telling me one day I would be playing my horn with my dad on his trombone.  I remember learning my first piano piece, “Here we go, up the road, to a birthday party.”  I remember the first time I ever preached a sermon in church.  These special moments in my life were the start of something God was preparing me to do. 

As I got older, I started to develop my musical abilities for the purpose of glorifying God.  In High School, I joined the Indianapolis Symphony Youth Orchestra where I had the opportunity to play 1st trumpet and also be a section leader in the violins.   In college I was the student Pep Band Director under the direction of Professor Thomas McCauley.  I had the opportunity as a college student to participate in a conducting workshop under Jerry Junkin.  During my college tenure, I took extended classes beyond the requirements of my Music Education degree.  I took an emphasis in Jazz studies and improvisation, Jazz Piano, Jazz arranging/composition, Music composition, and Music techniques. 

 I started being given ministry leadership positions by my church and District church camp, even as a teenager.   In 2000 I was given the first ever “Truth, Trust, and Treasure” awarded by my church district given to a teenager who “demonstrates leadership, spiritual guidance, and overall recognition of Christ likeness.”  During my college years my church district requested that I start a group called “Faithfully His.”  This group, made up of a select group of High School teenagers I invited to participate, traveled around to churches within the district where we ministered through music, drama, testimonies, and preaching. 

My professional career started in 2007, after graduating from Indiana Wesleyan in December of 2006 with a degree in Music Education. Receiving my license to teach any music subject/content area and in any grade level gave me great possibilities.   I taught band and choir, grades 6-12, for 5 years.  My highlights include, but are not limited to, being Department Chair of the music programs, having indoor percussion groups advancing to the State competition and having my marching band place in a top 10 finish at the Indiana State Fair on Band day.  I had several concert groups advance well in ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) contests.  I was able to be the Drama Club director and a coach in the Fine Arts Academic teams.  Being asked to be the Head Huddle Coach for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in the school system was a great honor for me as well.  I was also a Youth Pastor/Minister of Music during my years of teaching music.  I have had the opportunity to be a guest speaker in revivals and youth camps. 

 I can’t thank God enough for how He used those years to mold and shape me not only with my gifts of ministry and music, but spiritually as well.  I have felt a sense of growing closer to Him as each day passes by.  Still, my involvement in ministry and music education are not the most important parts of my journey in this life.  The most important area of my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I love him with all my heart.  I have no doubt that God has a plan and desire for each of our lives.  I know for a fact that God has a purpose for me, and it includes using ministry and music education as a means to advance the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission.  I have a passion for the youth of today, music, education, and the ministry.  I believe ‘The Arts’ can be used by God in a powerful and effective way.  As a result, in 2013, I founded the Lifeline Christian Fine Arts Academy in an effort to “Link the Arts for Christ.” 

-Mike Linville II

Hallie Terman

Piano Instructor, Administrative Assistant


Greetings prospective students and visitors!  My name is Hallie Terman, and I am a piano instructor for Lifeline Christian Fine Arts Academy.  My own musical history is an exciting collection of experiences, and it is my desire to pass on that excitement to my students.

Piano lessons began when I was six years old.  Even from a young age, I was blessed to have parents who involved me in opportunities to serve in the church.  Under the encouragement of my parents and the wonderful woman who was married to our pastor, I started playing for special music.  Eventually I became a regular church pianist, playing and serving for about 8 years now, and even serving as a music director for brief times.  Playing music in church has been a fundamental part of my musical life, and I intend to continue serving wherever I can for as long as I am able.  I have also enjoyed performing music with my very talented musical family.

I have performed many solos and duets in recitals.  As a soloist, I have entered competitions and received 1st and 2nd place awards for my efforts in the Indiana State Fair Young Hoosier State Piano Competition.  I have also accompanied a High School Choir during their state competition.  Talk about more exciting group experiences!  I found each opportunity had its challenges, but I am grateful for each experience. 

In the year 2013 I completed my college studies and received my BA in Music from Thomas Edison State College.  During my music studies, I discovered the joy of composing, and learning music theory in addition to the emphasis on piano pedagogy. 

It is my hope that my students will discover what interests them the most in music, and find the same joy and satisfaction in reaching those goals as I did.  I also hope to pass on the attitude of service that my teachers, parents, and other mentors have instilled in me.  Music is a gift from God, and like all gifts, I hope to see it used by my students for His glory!

Joy Anna Wall


Violin & Piano Instructor


Joy Anna began playing the violin at age ten, and has completed her Grade 9 certificate with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada. She has taught violin for over ten years, and especially enjoys coaching chamber groups. Joy Anna believes that making music with others is one of the best ways to have fun!

Cameron Callan

Guitar and Voice Instructor

Bachelors in Music Education from Indiana State University

When I was younger my mother was always singing around the house. I was active in my elementary school with everything musical that I could do, but it wasn't until I saw the movie "School of Rock" that I knew I wanted to learn the guitar. I began taking guitar lessons at 11 years old, and stuck with it ever since. In high school I participated in band, marching band, and the musicals (both on stage and in the pit).

While in college I focused on vocal music. I participated in the Concert Choir, Sycamore Singers, Concert Band,  Opera Workshop, and the musicals. Upon graduation I worked as a middle school choir director in Kokomo, Indiana for a year before moving to the Plainfield area to teach at Mill Creek East and West Elementary. After two great years there, I currently work at White Lick Elementary in Brownsburg, Indiana teaching music to K to 5th grade.

Adrian Martin

Piano/Vocal Instructor/Kinder Music Teacher

Hello, my name is Adrian Martin.  When I was 8 years old, my father was working in a school that was getting rid of a piano.  They asked if he wanted it.  He said, "sure!"  They said if you want it you have to pick it up and move it now.  He came back a few minutes later to pick it up and drive it home.  

My parents knew that the Lord had given the piano to our family because someone in our home was supposed to play it.  That someone was me.  My fourth grade teacher at my Christian school was my first piano teacher.  After learning for a few years , the Lord called my family to move to Indiana for my father to go to Bible College and prepare of Ministry.  Even though we didn't have much, my parents knew that they were supposed to prepare me to play for church, but did not know why.  

It was difficult to find a piano tacher that taught church music.  They did find teachers for me, and about the time I could play congregationals my father was asked to fill in at a church over a period of months.  They had no piano player in the evening, and at 11 years of age I was able to be a blessing in a church service.  A few years later my father became a Pastor.  The church we came to didn't have a piano player for over three years.  

At the age of 13 I became the church pianist.  As a teenager I had to learn to play for a wedding, funeral, memorial service, revival, church service, and special music.  The Lord also opened opportunities for me to accompany and work with homeschool choirs and school competitions.  I am thankful for the teachers who have prepared me, and the Lord has given me a burden to teach and prepare young people for music.  

I am currenty a student at Heritage Baptist College in Franklin, IN., and I am pursuing a degree in Music Education with a minor in Preschool Education.  I am also an accompanist and teaching assistant at Woodridge Music Academy.  As a piano and voice teacher I want to emphasize and cultivate good musicianship.  I want to sharpen each student's God-given talens so that they may glorify Him to the best of their abilities with their talents.  I am so excited to be a part of LCFAA and can't wait to watch how the Lord uses this Academy.   

Elizabeth Harner

Piano, Flute, and Visual Art Instructor

Childhood fun and activities can truly lead a person toward finding their path to God's calling for their lives.  As early as I can remember holding a crayon or pencil, I knew I was called to the world of art.  My art teachers were constantly challenging me to explore different media and learn new techniques.  There has never been a time in my life that I have not been involved in creating some sort of artwork or craft for myself, or someone else.  Throughout my school years, I learned many techniques of drawing, pastels, charcoal, colored pencil, painting including oil and acrylic, stained glass, calligraphy and airbrush.  I was blessed with art teachers who recognized my talent and encouraged me to discover new skills.  I went on to Purdue University and majored in a new field called Technical Graphics.  While at Purdue, I studied 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional drawing, perspective, pen and ink illustration, interior and exterior illustration of architecture, airbrush illustration, 3D rendering and also drafting.  I was also trained with computer skills to master Photoshop and Illustrator computer illustration as well as CADD design and book publishing design.  My education at Purdue exposed me to learning about the world of print media and design as well as a huge number of illustration skills thatt I still use today in my freelance graphics business.  I now specialize in designing printed media and airbrushing on all types of surfaces.  I also enjoy creating craft projects such as, wood painting and carving and illustrations featuring calligraphy.  Throughout the years, I have enjoyed sharing my skills with children teaching crafts at Vacation Bible School, and giving private lessons.  

The other area of my life was music.  Early in my childhood, I recall having a great desire to learn to play the piano and flute.  I began taking lessons on the piano in second grade and continued through the end of high school.  I enjoyed being able to play popular music in addition to classical and Christian music.  I played numerous solos at my home church growing up.  While in school, I learned the flute and played with my school's band.  As an adult, I continue to share my music by participating on our worship team, playing flute and piano for Harmony Christian Church for the last 11 years.  I have independently taught piano and flute lessons to children and adults for 10 years.  I feel a great desire to pass on this important life skill to others who have the desire to learn.  God's greatest blessing is to nurture others in discovering a talent that they have been blessed with.  I enjoy being His instrument in helping others discover their potential.  

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