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Seeking Christian Fine Arts (music both vocal and instrumental, art, oral presentation, and drama) instructors/teachers for a position in the Lifeline Christian Fine Arts Academy. This is a great opportunity to give small group instruction to kids, grades k-12, while providing a Christian environment.  The goal is to create a network of Fine Arts students with Faith based instruction.  This network will be used to provide opportunities for each student with small group master classes, recitals, Fine Arts camps and large scale performances, exhibits, and presentations.

-Each master class will have a reserved time of 1 hour or 30 minutes in a LCFAA site.  

-You will collect monthly tuition fees at the start of each month and give them to the director. 

-Each master class will be approximately 1-4 students.

-Each instructor gets a portion reimbursed of the collected fees for the master classes he/she instructs. (For $25 students $13 goes to the instructor and $12 to the Academy.  For $20 students $13 goes to the instructor and $7 to the Academy.  For $15 students $10 goes to the instructor and $5 to the Academy.)

-I (the director) will assist each instructor in developing curriculum, authentic assessments, and performance proficiencies for each master class that must be completed before advancing to the next level.

Why is this better than being your own private instructor?  This gives Christian musicians and teachers the chance to create a network that can grow, utilize each other’s talents/gifts, open up other opportunities, help create Christian Fine Arts camps, glorify God, and give our youth of today the chance to develop their skills to use for God.  It will give each student a chance to feel they are part of a group and not just on their own.  This is more than a business, it is a ministry.  Will you be a part of our ministry team and help us in “Linking the Arts for Christ”? 

Interested applicants send resume, job references, and application to director@lcfaa.org

Applications and other documents (statement of faith, background check, and terms/conditions) can be found at www.lifelinechristianfineartsacademy.com  

Any questions feel free to contact me. 

Mike Linville II



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New Life Community Wesleyan Church

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Cartersburg Community Church

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Director: Mike Linville II

Phone: 317-372-7757

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Lifeline Christian Fine Arts Academy is to provide children the opportunity to participate in a Fine Arts Education under the instruction of highly qualified Christian instructors devoted to serving and developing the talents of our youth today for the Glory of God. 


Hours/Tuition Cost

Each private lesson/master class has a reserved time for one hour or 30 minute sessions each week. Lessons/classes are available for reserved times:


Fees may vary from site to site.  

*Online lessons/classes now available



-Student Praise Team



-Pit Orchestra (winds, strings, percussion)