If you would like to submit an additional testimony to our list, simply email the director and it will be added to our collection.  We love for people to see what LCFAA is doing for you or your child the the Fine Arts.  


“This is the first time our 15 year old daughter actually practices without being told too!  Her hour long practice is filled with just the right amount of positive encouragement, music theory, and fun songs to practice with ... all the while instilling a continued love for music ... without pressure!  Lifeline worked with us in selecting the perfect lesson time and pairing our daughter with another student at the same learning level (guitar).  Lauren always looks forward to her Tuesday morning class!  Yes, a teenager is happy to get up early for a class!” - Robbin Puckett


“At LCFAA the atmosphere is so lighthearted and inviting. The instructor is so personable. Once we start class, we get down to business. My son & I are taking class together and even though we cover a lot of material, the hour seems to fly by and we aren't ready to leave.  The instructor has plenty for us to work on at home and it makes me want to practice, and not just because I don't want my son to get ahead of me, but because I don't want to slow down the progress I am making in learning piano.”  –Don Clark


“We drive from Bloomington, Indiana because we found a music instructor and studio that believes in linking the arts for Christ. The instructor has shown enthusiasm and has ways of reaching my child with outside the box thinking. I especially like the way the instructor works with my daughter's gifts and uses each lesson to spark her interests to get the most out of the music lesson whether that's violin practice, voice or piano. The Fine Arts Academy has been a great fit especially with flexibility since we are traveling from about an hour away. We look forward to getting involved with other classes as this Academy continues to grow.”  –Juli Grossman 


“My son has been taking guitar lessons for a month.  He is still very excited to go and practice each week.  Lifeline Christian Fine Arts Academy has been very accommodating with lesson dates and times and is very reasonably priced.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for music lessons.”  –Kellie Brown


"I love going there and I'm excited to learn different songs like movie, holiday and radio songs". My instructor makes it fun for me to practice and learn".  –Mardi 10 years old


“The art class is so much fun. This helps my sketching. The other cool thing is that the teacher does not make us feel bored.  He always asks us what we want to learn, and help us with the techniques that we are not so good at, and I am not really good at hands and hair, but everything takes practice.”  -Helen 12 years old


 “The first time I went to class I was nervous because I'm kind of a shy person. I love drawing, and I like having a teacher that cares and is easy going.  For me that is important because it makes me feel comfortable. I really enjoy my classes.”  -Jason 16 years old


“Mike has an amazing ability to keep my daughter focused.  His patience is a blessing.  His ability to work and co-teach makes a well diverse team.  Our family looks forward to a long term partnership as Liz grows in her musical gifts.”  -Joyce Helfers  

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New Life Community Wesleyan Church

4356 East State Rd 144

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Cartersburg Community Church

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Director: Mike Linville II

Phone: 317-372-7757

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Lifeline Christian Fine Arts Academy is to provide children the opportunity to participate in a Fine Arts Education under the instruction of highly qualified Christian instructors devoted to serving and developing the talents of our youth today for the Glory of God. 


Hours/Tuition Cost

Each private lesson/master class has a reserved time for one hour or 30 minute sessions each week. Lessons/classes are available for reserved times:


Fees may vary from site to site.  

*Online lessons/classes now available



-Student Praise Team



-Pit Orchestra (winds, strings, percussion)